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David Bean: Nashville Photographer


My life confirms the age-old adage “truth is stranger than fiction.” As a child I lived on hippie communes with no neighbors for miles, tiny apartments in Boston and everything in between. I went to 6 different high schools and was a punk rock teen in South Florida who misspent my youth at the detriment of myself and others. I now call Nashville home and am currently in the process of writing a book on the story of my life; with hopes to publish it in early 2016.

For the last 20 years I’ve been blessed with a new life where I take nothing for granted and see endless possibilities in each new day. I credit my less than normal life experiences for how I view the world and get along with any and everyone.

My other passion is passing along what I’ve learned, both professionally and personally to those who would want to hear. I offer workshops, personal consultation and mentoring opportunities that vary depending on the seasons of my life.

David Bean: Nashville Photographer
Nashville Photographer David Bean


I strive to capture the true essence and qualities that make a person who they are. My goal is to shoot my subjects in a way that flatters and puts the focus on them so the photo is all about them and not me. Artistically, I create photos that are edgy while at the same time giving much respect to the principals that make for timeless photography; striking the balance of both style and substance.

I AM NOT an artsy-fartsy person who takes themselves too seriously. I am a commercial artist who understands my job is too increase a clients bottom line through beauty and imagination.

I am a Nashville Photographer but I will shoot anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. I have a 5,600 square foot studio just outside of Nashville where I also keep my office. Visit the studio web site or ask me for a tour.

Some of the clients that I have had the privilege of shooting for have included:

– A&E Networks
– Abita Beer
– AP Magazine
– Atlas Van Lines
– Bear Archery
– Bicycling Magazine
– Brash Music
– Bravo TV
– Bristol Development
– Capitol Records
– CiCi’s Pizza
– Cingular Wireless
– Corrections Corp. of America
– Curb Records
– EMI Music
– Fender
– Fruit of the Loom
– Gaylord Hotels
– Goalrilla
– Griffin Technology
– Guitar Player
– Hilton Hotels
– Live Nation
– Lifeway
– Men’s Fitness
– Nike
– OK Magazine
– One.org
– Paddywax
– Passalong Networks
– Paramount
– Purpose Driven
– Roland
– Rolling Stone
– Simple Shoes
– Sony Music
– Tooth and Nail Records
– TriStar Sports & Entertainment
– Ultimate Nutrition
– Wake Forest
– Warner Music
– Yamaha

…and many musicians, celebrities and athletes.

Partial List of Interviews

I’ve been interviewed and featured quite a few places since I started my photography career. Here’s a partial list of the ones I’ve been able to remember and find…

1) The latest audio interview with me is up at Photo Field Notes. Photographer Allie Siarto does a great job asking the questions that made for a great listen.

2) Eyes and Ears is Nashville based online magazine that features and interviews photographers, musicians, artists, businesses and the like. You can read a short interview with me they did with me here.

3) Guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog. It was an honor to be asked to contribute to Scott’s Kelby’s blog. Scott was named The #1 Bestsellling computer/ technology author in the world for the past six years straight, and the #1 top-selling author of photography books for three years running. I blogged about the way many photographers fail to treat their subjects as actual human beings.

4) In 2010 I was interviewed by Mark Wallace for photography retail giant Adorama. I go into the making of a particular photo of mine as well as some other things.  This is a video interview that you can see here.

5)  LightSource Podcast Interviews. I was a guest twice on Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden’s popular photography podcast LightSource. These interviews took place in 2007 and 2008. Here’s the first episode and here’s the second one which was recorded about a year later. I haven’t listened to these in long time. I was young in my career as a photographer so who knows what I would say differently, but I do go into how I got my start, etc.

6) I was interviewed by Photography Silo several years ago. I go into getting started and some basic tips. You can read that here.

I know there are a few more of these out there. I’ll try to find them and link to them here. Thanks!

Nashville Photographer, David Bean

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