Recent Photo Shoots

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Recent Photo Shoots

Capturing artists in their element is one of my favorite things to shoot. An artist working on their music in a recording studio reminds me a lot of the time that I spend in my photography studio creating my photos. Here’s a few photos from some recent shoots that I’ve done in various recording studios…

First here’s a screen capture from Canon’s web site of a photo shoot I did for them of Mat Kearney. It was truly an honor to shoot for Canon, a company I’ve been loyal to for almost 15 years now. And of course Mat was super to work with. This shot was taken at his home studio in Nashville.

Mat Kearney for Canon Camera

Next up is one from a fun shoot I did with Cole Swindell at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville. Cole was a very chill and easy to hang with person. He made it a lot of fun.

Cole Swindell U.S. Cellular

And then I spent the day with Gavin Degraw shooting him for Snapple. Gavin was a hilarious and super fun guy to work with. I could have sat and listened to him telling funny stories for hours.

Gavin Degraw for Snapple

And lastly here’s one of Atlantic Records artist High Valley that I shot at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, just south of Nashville. To say that these 2 guys (who are brothers) are fun, is an understatement. The day was filled with laughter and it made my job a lot easier.

High Valley for U.S. Cellular