Westlight Studios

WestLight Studio

WestLight Studios has moved from it’s Downtown Nashville Location to Downtown Franklin, TN, just 10 minutes south. Everything from the location to the amenities make it a favorite among in and out of town renters.

At 5,600 square feet there are 2 separate studios as well as ample room for client hospitality and comfort.

WestLight can be rented out for photo/video shoots or events. Visit the web site HERE


WestLight Studios offers all the needs & comforts you would expect:

  • 2 Separate studios
  • Each studio has it’s own green room/client lounge
  • West facing windows for tons of daylight
  • Separate Roll-up garage door shooting area for amazing daylight
  • Several different textured and colored walls including metal, wood and paint
  • Stereo system with aux jacks for iPods
  • Wireless Internet
  • 2 Clean bathrooms
  • 2 Separate Make up areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Cold A/C., Warm heat
  • Tons of free parking