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Tennessee Titans Photo Shoot

I spent the first part of my life in the New England area (Boston, New Hampshire, Maine) so I'm naturally a fan of the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. I have however never been a fan of the Patriots. I can't explain why; they just never clicked with me. I moved around a lot over 11 states, but it wasn't until I moved to Nashville that I finally found an NFL team that I felt like I could call my own. That team was the Tennessee Titans. So I was super excited when the Titans called me to take the player photos for their 2018 season. What made it even more special was the fact that the team was getting brand new uniforms designed by Nike. There was a lot of buzz, especially around Nashville, about the new look of the uniforms. Rumors were flying, and all of them were wrong.

I was brought in to shoot the new season in the new uniforms. It was great to be one of the first people to ever see the new looks. Here's a few of the photos. Be on the lookout for more of them everywhere. You'll see them on TV, in print, online and of course on the sides of Nissan Stadium.

 Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

 Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

 Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Patricia Nash Lifestyle Fashion Photo Shoot

These photos I shot are just now getting released in ads so I thought I’d share some of them here. This was a lifestyle fashion photo shoot I did for the Patricia Nash brand. My team drove from Nashville to Knoxville a couple of months ago to do this shoot. It was freezing that day, but these models were pros and did an amazing job. Patricia Nash is an amazing fashion line focusing mainly on handbag and shoes, although they are venturing into other areas as well. This was a day shoot with 2 locations; one at a marina just outside of Knoxville and one at the company's headquarters.

I do quite a bit of fashion photography for clothing lines in Nashville and elsewhere. As someone who used to own a small clothing company in Southern California, I love fashion and fashion photography.

Knoxville Photographer Knoxville Photography Knoxville Photography Knoxville Photographer Knoxville Advertsing Photographer Knoxville Advertising Photography Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer Knoxville PhotographerDavid Bean: Nashville Photographers


AVVAY is the New Way to Find Creative Spaces in Nashville and Beyond...

AVVAY is a new web site created by folks right here in Nashville that is kind of like airBNB, but for creative spaces. So if you're a photographer, painter, dancer, sculptor, etc. you can go to the AVVAY web site and look up homes, barns, studios, garages, etc. where you can perform your craft. I discovered it right before I was doing pre-production on a photo shoot for one of my clients PedalTrain. For the shoot we were looking for either a recording studio or a band rehearsal space that looked like it would be owned/used by both a young aspiring band or an already established one. In my many years of shooting in Nashville I had been to several studios and rehearsal spaces. But until I found AVVAY I never knew about places like The Silent Planet, where we ended up shooting at.

The shoot was huge success, due in large part to the amazing space I found on AVVAY. Check out the blog they wrote about it from their end. The transaction between me and The Silent Planet was the first one for AVVAY. If you've got a space of any kind that you think creatives could use, sign up on their site. They will be expanding to other cities beyond Nashville soon.


Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.


pedaltrain_10 pedaltrain_9 pedaltrain_7 pedaltrain_8 pedaltrain_6 pedaltrain_5 pedaltrain_4 pedaltrain_3

Healthcare Photography

Nashville is considered by many to be the healthcare mecca of the U.S. Nashville's healthcare industry is much larger than it's music and entertainment ones. Because of that I end up shooting a lot of healthcare photography both here in Nashville and all across the U.S. I just launched a new portfolio section called Healthcare Photography for Advertising. I've shot healthcare photos for several years now but recently decided I should have a portfolio for some of it. It's very different shooting people in a hospital environment and also a great privilege. To have people trust you enough in their vulnerable moments is not something I take lightly when shooting the photos for hospitals and healthcare companies.


Photo Shoots for Banded

I love my clients; I really do. I get to work with a lot of great people and companies. Banded is one such company that I enjoy working with. Banded is a Nashville based company that makes headbands that are step above all others. They are one size-fits-all that are non-slip, which makes them great for active lifestyles. They're sold all over the country and I'm regularly see them being worn all the time. I've done their photography for the last few years. Here's a few shots from some of those photo shoots. Since they're based in Nashville and so am I, we shot all of these photos in and around the Nashville area. From their site... BANDED™ headbands are the original no slip, automatically adjusting headbands that fits both children and adults. Our patent-pending design allows you to wear your BANDED™ headband all day long without getting a headache and prevents the headband from pinching or pulling your hair. Due to the soft velvet lining that keeps the headbands on, you will be able to focus on the day and not worry about looking in the mirror to adjust it. You can finally style it and forget about it.

Check out their site and do some shopping and take a look at the photos below...

Lifestyle photography Advertising

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Welcome to the 2014 version of my site

Happy 2014. Here's hoping it will be amazing for you and yours. 2013 was a great year for me and my crew. I can honestly say I'm producing my best work ever. The summer of 2013 saw me featured on 2 different reality TV shows; Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over and AMC's The Pitch. On Tabatha Takes Over (Episode 157) I was featured doing a photo shoot at my studio as part of the show. But the real fun came on The Pitch.

For those not familiar with The Pitch; it takes 2 advertising agencies and pits them head-to-head as they pitch a major ad campaign to the same client.

I never posted the results so here they are... The client was Gibson and... We won! By We, I mean me and the super amazing team at ad agency Daniel Burton Dean who came up with the winning concept. I shot all of the photos and the video that were used in the pitch.

Without further ado, here's the video that I shot over the course of 2 days at various Nashville locations. I even make a brief cameo.

NOTE: The only audio until the very end is a faint drum beat. This was an intentional part of the concept. It would take too long to explain :)