Mapco Lifestyle Campaigns

Mapco is a Nashville based chain of 373 convenience stores in 8 different states. They've been a client of mine for a couple of years now. I am also a frequent customer of theirs; especially as they have the nicest and cleanest stores of any convenience chain I've been in. Recently they asked me to begin shooting lifestyle photography for their Mapco Rewards promotions. They email the rewards members every week to offer such things as discounts on gas, sodas, beer, etc. We shoot most of the photography in Nashville and surrounding areas.

Here's a screen shot of how the images are being used as well as a few images from the two shoots I've done so far.


Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography Coke

Lifestyle photography beer hammock Lite Bud Light

Lifestyle photography Beach Water Girl

Lifestyle photography beach man frisbee

Lifestyle photography coffee cups couple teens

Lifestyle photography coffee drink man bench

Lifestyle photography coke woman

In the Studio with Rival Sons

One of my favorite things to be hired to do is to go into a recording studio with a band or artist and document them while they make their album.

I just finished up a few days in the studio with band Rival Sons shooting both photography and video. This was my second time in the studio with them; both times here in Nashville. The photos will be used for publicity as well as the packaging for the album itself. You can see the photos from the previous time on their last album.

It's always interesting and fun to see the different approach and processes artists take in a studio environment. Check out Rival Sons; they are one of the few bands today making real blues-based rock and roll. They combine that with a nice touch of classic rock to make great music.

I enjoy working with them because besides being talented they're great guys who take their music but not themselves too seriously. Check them out

Here's a few photos from this most recent session in Nashville.

nashville music photography

Drummer drumming

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

nashville music photography

Nashville Photographers: Intro to Lighting Workshop

This is now SOLD OUT. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a future date please contact me.

I have many people reach out to me asking about their desire to learn how to use artificial lighting in their photography. I've done workshops in the past that teach lighting as a part of it. This time I'm dedicating 80% of the day to learning strobe and off-camera flash lighting for beginners.

The other 20% will be some basic tips on commercial photography geared towards the wedding and portrait photographer who wants to break into commercial work as well as a Q&A where I will answer any photography related questions.

SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 10:00 am-5:00 pm.


The 2 artificial light sources - Constant - Strobe/Flash Strobes vs Speedlights (flashes) How to use - One light - Two Lights - Three Lights How to mix Strobes/flashes with natural light for both natural and un-natural looks - Indoors - Outdoors What modifiers are and how and when to choose one - Umbrellas - Softboxes - Reflectors - Grids - Beauty Dishes - Silks Hard vs soft light - How to use - When to use Using Accessories - Transmitters/Receivers - Wired vs Wireless - Gels Choosing gear/brands Etc, etc.

This will be held at my studio in Franklin, TN; just south of Nashville on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Yes this is short notice, but this will fill up fast.

The price is only $149 until February 24 and then it goes up to $249. If you are paying via PayPal there is a $10 charge for doing so. If you would like to pay via check you can mail:

The Visual Reserve PO Box 682421 Franklin, TN 37068

If you are paying with a check please email using the contact page and let us know you are mailing a check. We will hold your spot for 5 days from receiving the email.

Questions? Feel free to ask.


Guest feature on Scott Kelby's Blog

I had the honor last week of being a guest blogger on Scott Kelby's web site. If you don't know Scott; he is the The #1 Best selling computer/ technology author in the world for the past six years straight, and the #1 top-selling author of photography books for three years running. I was asked to write a guest blog, so I wrote something from the heart. When you start reading it you may not think it has much to do with photography, but it does get there. It's a fairly personal post that I felt needed to be shared. I hope you enjoy reading it and please leave a comment here or there if you have anything to say about; I'd love to hear it.


Welcome to the 2014 version of my site

Happy 2014. Here's hoping it will be amazing for you and yours. 2013 was a great year for me and my crew. I can honestly say I'm producing my best work ever. The summer of 2013 saw me featured on 2 different reality TV shows; Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over and AMC's The Pitch. On Tabatha Takes Over (Episode 157) I was featured doing a photo shoot at my studio as part of the show. But the real fun came on The Pitch.

For those not familiar with The Pitch; it takes 2 advertising agencies and pits them head-to-head as they pitch a major ad campaign to the same client.

I never posted the results so here they are... The client was Gibson and... We won! By We, I mean me and the super amazing team at ad agency Daniel Burton Dean who came up with the winning concept. I shot all of the photos and the video that were used in the pitch.

Without further ado, here's the video that I shot over the course of 2 days at various Nashville locations. I even make a brief cameo.

NOTE: The only audio until the very end is a faint drum beat. This was an intentional part of the concept. It would take too long to explain :)