0 to 60 in 6 hours Photography Lighting Workshop In Nashville

NOTE: The early-bird pricing is over. It is now $199. Earlier in the year I did an Intro to Lighting workshop at my photography studio outside of Nashville. It was a success for all who came and I've decided to do it again. This time however I've made a few improvements and also LOWERED THE PRICE.

This time around it will be a 6 hour day of intensive training for only $199.

I can say this; I have never taught lighting as in-depth as this workshop will be. I will start from the ground up teaching the very basic and foundational concepts of lighting.

You will learn how to go from several different 1 light set-ups to variations on more complex, advanced ones. This will not be a hands on workshop. I've learned from past experiences that the time students spend shooting is much better used taking individual questions and making sure everything that's being taught is clearly understood. If I have to go deeper into a technique I will.

At the end I will set aside as much time as possible for a Q&A session on anything photography related.

As a bonus I will choose 3 people at random who have signed up to receive a personal 30 minute portfolio review by me. Anyone who's ever had one by me knows I'm very honest, but encouraging in the process of a review. All reviews will take place at my studio in Franklin, south of Nashville.

0 to 60 in 6 Hours Workshop SUNDAY, August 17, 10:00 am-4:00 pm.


Strobes: How to use...

- One light - Two lights - Three lights - More than three lights

How to mix strobes with natural light for both natural and un-natural looks

- Indoors - Outdoors

Choosing and using different light modifiers

- Umbrellas - Softboxes - Reflectors - Grids - Beauty Dishes - Silks - V-Flats - Using walls and other objects as modifiers

Hard vs soft light

- How to use - When to use

Using Accessories

- Light meters - Transmitters/Receivers - Wired vs wireless - Gels

Choosing gear

- Why more expensive isn't always better - When to use what type - De-mystifying the fear of gear

...and More!

This will be held at my studio in Franklin, TN; just south of Nashville on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

The price is only $199. We will break for a 1 hour lunch. If you would like lunch provided it's an additional $10. Lunch will be a Jersey Mikes boxed meal (sub, chips and a cookie.)

If you would like to pay via check you can mail it to:

The Visual Reserve PO Box 682421 Franklin, TN 37068

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHECK please email using the contact page and let us know you are mailing a check and if the check will be written in a different name . We will hold your spot for 5 days from receiving the email.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email