AVVAY is the New Way to Find Creative Spaces in Nashville and Beyond...

AVVAY is a new web site created by folks right here in Nashville that is kind of like airBNB, but for creative spaces. So if you're a photographer, painter, dancer, sculptor, etc. you can go to the AVVAY web site and look up homes, barns, studios, garages, etc. where you can perform your craft. I discovered it right before I was doing pre-production on a photo shoot for one of my clients PedalTrain. For the shoot we were looking for either a recording studio or a band rehearsal space that looked like it would be owned/used by both a young aspiring band or an already established one. In my many years of shooting in Nashville I had been to several studios and rehearsal spaces. But until I found AVVAY I never knew about places like The Silent Planet, where we ended up shooting at.

The shoot was huge success, due in large part to the amazing space I found on AVVAY. Check out the blog they wrote about it from their end. The transaction between me and The Silent Planet was the first one for AVVAY. If you've got a space of any kind that you think creatives could use, sign up on their site. They will be expanding to other cities beyond Nashville soon.


Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.


pedaltrain_10 pedaltrain_9 pedaltrain_7 pedaltrain_8 pedaltrain_6 pedaltrain_5 pedaltrain_4 pedaltrain_3