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Recent Photo Shoots in Nashville

Capturing artists in their element is one of my favorite things to shoot. An artist working on their music in a recording studio reminds me a lot of the time that I spend in my photography studio creating my photos. Here's a few photos from some recent shoots that I've done in various recording studios... First here's a screen capture from Canon's web site of a photo shoot I did for them of Mat Kearney. It was truly an honor to shoot for Canon, a company I've been loyal to for almost 15 years now. And of course Mat was super to work with. This shot was taken at his home studio in Nashville.

Mat Kearney for Canon Camera

Mat Kearney for Canon Camera

Next up is one from a fun shoot I did with Cole Swindell at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville. Cole was a very chill and easy to hang with person. He made it a lot of fun.

Cole Swindell U.S. Cellular

Cole Swindell U.S. Cellular

And then I spent the day with Gavin Degraw shooting him for Snapple. Gavin was a hilarious and super fun guy to work with. I could have sat and listened to him telling funny stories for hours.

Gavin Degraw for Snapple

Gavin Degraw for Snapple

And lastly here's one of Atlantic Records artist High Valley that I shot at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, just south of Nashville. To say that these 2 guys (who are brothers) are fun, is an understatement. The day was filled with laughter and it made my job a lot easier.

High Valley for U.S. Cellular

High Valley for U.S. Cellular

Tennessee Titans Photo Shoot

I spent the first part of my life in the New England area (Boston, New Hampshire, Maine) so I'm naturally a fan of the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. I have however never been a fan of the Patriots. I can't explain why; they just never clicked with me. I moved around a lot over 11 states, but it wasn't until I moved to Nashville that I finally found an NFL team that I felt like I could call my own. That team was the Tennessee Titans. So I was super excited when the Titans called me to take the player photos for their 2018 season. What made it even more special was the fact that the team was getting brand new uniforms designed by Nike. There was a lot of buzz, especially around Nashville, about the new look of the uniforms. Rumors were flying, and all of them were wrong.

I was brought in to shoot the new season in the new uniforms. It was great to be one of the first people to ever see the new looks. Doing sports photography is a lot like shooting celebrities; their time is valuable so you have to have quick instincts and know when you’ve got the shots that you need and move on.

Here's a few of the photos. Be on the lookout for more of them everywhere. You'll see them on TV, in print, online and of course on the sides of Nissan Stadium.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Patricia Nash Lifestyle Fashion Photo Shoot

These photos I shot are just now getting released in ads so I thought I’d share some of them here. This was a lifestyle fashion photo shoot I did for the Patricia Nash brand. My team drove from Nashville to Knoxville a couple of months ago to do this shoot. It was freezing that day, but these models were pros and did an amazing job. Patricia Nash is an amazing fashion line focusing mainly on handbag and shoes, although they are venturing into other areas as well. This was a day shoot with 2 locations; one at a marina just outside of Knoxville and one at the company's headquarters.

I do quite a bit of fashion photography for clothing lines in Nashville and elsewhere. As someone who used to own a small clothing company in Southern California, I love fashion and fashion photography.

Knoxville Photographer Knoxville Photography Knoxville Photography Knoxville Photographer Knoxville Advertsing Photographer Knoxville Advertising Photography Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer Knoxville PhotographerDavid Bean: Nashville Photographers


AVVAY is the New Way to Find Creative Spaces in Nashville and Beyond...

AVVAY is a new web site created by folks right here in Nashville that is kind of like airBNB, but for creative spaces. So if you're a photographer, painter, dancer, sculptor, etc. you can go to the AVVAY web site and look up homes, barns, studios, garages, etc. where you can perform your craft. I discovered it right before I was doing pre-production on a photo shoot for one of my clients PedalTrain. For the shoot we were looking for either a recording studio or a band rehearsal space that looked like it would be owned/used by both a young aspiring band or an already established one. In my many years of shooting in Nashville I had been to several studios and rehearsal spaces. But until I found AVVAY I never knew about places like The Silent Planet, where we ended up shooting at.

The shoot was huge success, due in large part to the amazing space I found on AVVAY. Check out the blog they wrote about it from their end. The transaction between me and The Silent Planet was the first one for AVVAY. If you've got a space of any kind that you think creatives could use, sign up on their site. They will be expanding to other cities beyond Nashville soon.


Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.


pedaltrain_10 pedaltrain_9 pedaltrain_7 pedaltrain_8 pedaltrain_6 pedaltrain_5 pedaltrain_4 pedaltrain_3

See Me at Imaging USA in Nashville Photography Conference

imagingusa Nashville Imaging USA is the largest annual convention and expo for professional photographers. It's a yearly event and this year, as in times past, it's being held in Nashville February 1-3. It's much more than just a convention or an expo, it features speakers, workshops, panels, etc.

On Tuesday the 3rd I'll be speaking and doing a mini-workshop at the LensRentals booth at 1:00. LensRentals is an amazing company and service that allows you to rent all kinds of photography and video gear and have it shipped to you. I'll be at their booth (#260) talking about lighting techniques including teaching how to use grids and gels to create moodier portraits. I will also have a Q&A on anything photography related at the end.


And.... over at the Hahnemule booth  they've printed out a large format print of the photo of Leann Rimes that's on my web site. They will also be handing out smaller versions to anyone who stops by the booth. Hahnemule makes the most incredible paper for photo printing. Many photographers rely on them for their fine art prints.

So if you're going to be in Nashville for ImagingUSA please stop by and say hi. I'd love to meet you! It's being held at the Gaylord Opryland hotel February 1-3.


What You Didn't See in 2014

I know a lot of photographers are doing "Best Of" posts for the new year. It's always great to see those and look back on the previous year.  I wanted to do something slightly different. Instead of doing a "Best Of" I thought I'd show some photos I took in 2014 that aren't on my site & most people have never seen before.

I love what I get to do for a living and the people I get to do it with; every photo shoot is so different from each other. I'm really looking forward to what 2015 has in store.

Enjoy these!

A&E_Bucks_DavidBean_1032 _VR_1904 _VR_0127 _VR_0365 _VR_0397 _VR_3125_new _VR_3064  _VR_3344_Final JeremyCamp_PressImage _VR_6092 Shawn McDonald  _VR_6770 _VR_6539 _VR_7115 _VR_7146 _VR_7412 _VR_7748 _VR_9303 _VR_9391 _VR_9441 _VR_9471 _VR_9781  David-Bean_Alan-Powell_-124 David-Bean_Alan-Powell_-271

Photo Shoots for Banded

I love my clients; I really do. I get to work with a lot of great people and companies. Banded is one such company that I enjoy working with. Banded is a Nashville based company that makes headbands that are step above all others. They are one size-fits-all that are non-slip, which makes them great for active lifestyles. They're sold all over the country and I'm regularly see them being worn all the time. I've done their photography for the last few years. Here's a few shots from some of those photo shoots. Since they're based in Nashville and so am I, we shot all of these photos in and around the Nashville area. From their site... BANDED™ headbands are the original no slip, automatically adjusting headbands that fits both children and adults. Our patent-pending design allows you to wear your BANDED™ headband all day long without getting a headache and prevents the headband from pinching or pulling your hair. Due to the soft velvet lining that keeps the headbands on, you will be able to focus on the day and not worry about looking in the mirror to adjust it. You can finally style it and forget about it.

Check out their site and do some shopping and take a look at the photos below...

Lifestyle photography Advertising

_VR_0085 _VR_0187 _VR_6903_VR_0250 _VR_0291  _VR_0476 _VR_0490 _VR_0681 _VR_0737 _VR_1242 _VR_3104 _VR_3236 _VR_3856 _VR_3922 _VR_5189 _VR_6165 _VR_0313_VR_9798

0 to 60 in 6 hours Photography Lighting Workshop In Nashville

NOTE: The early-bird pricing is over. It is now $199. Earlier in the year I did an Intro to Lighting workshop at my photography studio outside of Nashville. It was a success for all who came and I've decided to do it again. This time however I've made a few improvements and also LOWERED THE PRICE.

This time around it will be a 6 hour day of intensive training for only $199.

I can say this; I have never taught lighting as in-depth as this workshop will be. I will start from the ground up teaching the very basic and foundational concepts of lighting.

You will learn how to go from several different 1 light set-ups to variations on more complex, advanced ones. This will not be a hands on workshop. I've learned from past experiences that the time students spend shooting is much better used taking individual questions and making sure everything that's being taught is clearly understood. If I have to go deeper into a technique I will.

At the end I will set aside as much time as possible for a Q&A session on anything photography related.

As a bonus I will choose 3 people at random who have signed up to receive a personal 30 minute portfolio review by me. Anyone who's ever had one by me knows I'm very honest, but encouraging in the process of a review. All reviews will take place at my studio in Franklin, south of Nashville.

0 to 60 in 6 Hours Workshop SUNDAY, August 17, 10:00 am-4:00 pm.


Strobes: How to use...

- One light - Two lights - Three lights - More than three lights

How to mix strobes with natural light for both natural and un-natural looks

- Indoors - Outdoors

Choosing and using different light modifiers

- Umbrellas - Softboxes - Reflectors - Grids - Beauty Dishes - Silks - V-Flats - Using walls and other objects as modifiers

Hard vs soft light

- How to use - When to use

Using Accessories

- Light meters - Transmitters/Receivers - Wired vs wireless - Gels

Choosing gear

- Why more expensive isn't always better - When to use what type - De-mystifying the fear of gear

...and More!

This will be held at my studio in Franklin, TN; just south of Nashville on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

The price is only $199. We will break for a 1 hour lunch. If you would like lunch provided it's an additional $10. Lunch will be a Jersey Mikes boxed meal (sub, chips and a cookie.)

If you would like to pay via check you can mail it to:

The Visual Reserve PO Box 682421 Franklin, TN 37068

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHECK please email using the contact page and let us know you are mailing a check and if the check will be written in a different name . We will hold your spot for 5 days from receiving the email.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email


Independent Musician Photography

I don't blog about my photo shoots very often, but I'll be changing that soon to show some behind the scenes shots, photos and outtakes from various shoots. In the meantime, below are some photos from a few different independent artist shoots I've done. Besides the larger, more established musicians I shoot, I shoot a lot of unsigned and independent musicians for the artists themselves, management companies and smaller labels. Nashville independent artist musician

I love these photos for several reasons, but one is that most of these photos were shot here in Nashville where musicians flock to either record, live or both. Nashville truly is Music City; a diverse collective of creative musicians that cross all genres. We are also home to some of the best songwriters, session players, recording studios, producers and engineers on the planet.

Nashville independent artist musician

I love shooting these less-established, up-and-coming musicians for various reasons. It's always fun to work more closely with the artist beforehand than I normally would on a bigger label shoot. It's also enjoyable to see the early formations of people's careers before they hit the big time. I feel a sense of pride when I see them become exposed to bigger and bigger audiences over time, knowing that I played a part in helping to shape their image.

Nashville independent artist musician

Music has always been one of my greatest passions. I've been in bands, managed a band for 4 years and photograph musicians all the time. I know the music business very well and I know what the industry wants when it comes to an artists image. To be able to combine my love of photography with music is such a joy to me as an artist.

Nashville independent artist musician

The music industry has changed so much in the last 10 years. I've been there in the thick of it ebbing and flowing with both the positive and negative effects. Despite what some see as a crisis in the music business; there has never been a better time to be an independent artist. The Internet, social media and the lower costs of producing photos and videos has opened doors to reach new fans that were almost impossible just a few years ago.

Nashville independent artist musician

As the industry continues to change I love being there, documenting it and helping the next generation of musicians shape their image.

So enjoy these photos of up-and-coming artists who you may or may not have ever heard of...yet.

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician

Nashville independent artist musician