Hello, I’m a Nashville based photographer specializing in Advertising, Music, Editorial, Celebrity, and Sports photography.

Advertising Photography

As a commercial photographer I understand that my job is to make my client more money. I come from a design background and I love the challenges the advertising world brings. Whether it’s to sell more season tickets, more clothes, more cars, the goal is the same; to use beauty and imagination to increase a clients bottom line.

Most of my advertising photography is lifestyle in nature, but my sports & fitness and healthcare photography are specialized forms of it that I shoot for selects clients. I enjoy all forms of advertising work because it’s usually me capturing real looking people doing real world things. I love to create scenes that a slice-of-life. I think of my work sometimes as a modern, edgier Normal Rockwell.

Music & Entertainment Photography

I began my career shooting portraits of musicians in Nashville. That evolved over time to include other celebrities from the TV, film and sports worlds, as well as shooting them all over the U.S. I pride myself on being a people person. I believe the greatest gift any photographer can possess is the ability to connect with another human. My crazy upbringing and background allows me to make anyone, no matter who they are, to feel comfortable sitting for what some consider to be a painful process. Not everyone, even celebrities, likes having their photo taken, but it’s my job to make the process easy for them.

Reportage & Travel Photography

I have traveled to seven different countries for humanitarian and non-profit/NGO photography. Some of my fondest memories were traveling to remote villages in the Amazon jungle to capture some of the kindest and sweetest people I’ve ever met. My heart ached in Thailand and The Philippines as I documented the amazing people there who lived in harsh conditions. In Turkey and Lebanon I got to capture the soul of the people there who are more like those of us in the U.S than most people realize. Telling these people’s stories is something I’m always so honored to take part in. But there’s no place like Nashville and I’m always so happy to come home.

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